Mechanization and transport

Gugi commerce has a large and modern fleet, united in PJ Mechanization and Transport.
The main activity of PJ Mechanization and Transport is based on the provision of services to third parties - construction investors, through the model of business and technical cooperation, or as the rental of construction machinery and trucks per unit of measure. PJ activities are also aimed at the realization of their own projects.

The Mechanization unit has: excavators (excavators), loading shovels, combined machines, 3t and 10t rollers, pickaxes, bulldozers, hydraulic shears.

The Transport unit has trucks: dump trucks with a capacity of 5t, 8t and 30t - four-axle, trucks with semi-trailers (boxes) with a capacity of 25t, low-load trailers for the transport of construction machinery, as well as a trailer for the transport of bulk cement.

PJ Concrete base operates auto concrete mixers with a capacity of V = 10m3 as well as auto concrete pumps with a maximum reach of L = 41m and L = 37m.

Dump trucks MAN

TGA 41.430

MAN concrete pump

Cifa 41m

Mercedes concrete pump

Sany 37m.

MAN concrete mixer


Eskavator VOLVO EC 380DL

40t, Bucket capacity 2,33m3

Excavator CAT 330 C

Bucket capacity 2.2m3

Excavator CAT 325 D

Bucket capacity 1,4m3

Excavator CAT 320 C

Bucket capacity 1.3m3

Excavator CAT 305 E2

Bucket width 300 and 610mm

Excavator Volvo 300DL

Bucket volume 1.76 m3

Hydraulic hammers

1 700 kg, 2 200 kg, 3 000 kg, 350kg

CAT 434-E Backhoe Loader

Combined machine



CAT 950 Loader

Bucket Capacity 3m3

CAT 928 G Loader

Bucket Capacity 2m3

AHLMAN AZ10 Loader

Bucket Capacity 1m3

SBA Crusher

Capacity 500m3 fraction 0-64

Dumper Truck 2m3

Roller machine 10t

Roller machine 3t

Truck grapples

load capacity of 5-7t

Water tank 10m3

Faecal pumping tank

Truck with low loader trailer

Cement tank transporter